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We are pleased to present you a loyalty program for our regular guests. Regularly stopping at our hotel complex, you accumulate points on your account and get additional privileges and opportunities, developed specifically for the program "Loved one".

We are glad to present you a program of encouraging our regular Guests.  Regularly stopping at the hotel complex "Khabarovsk", you accumulate points on your account and get additional privileges and opportunities, designed specifically for our regular Guests.

Rules of participation and information about the program:

Terms and definitions:

This is a program to encourage regular guests of the hotel complex Khabarovsk. It allows regular guests of Khabarovsk Hotel to receive discounts and additional privileges.

Participant is a guest, holder of the loyalty program card of the hotel complex "Khabarovsk".

Rules of participation:

1. Any interested person can fill in the application form at the reception desk of the hotel reception and accommodation.

2. After filling in the application form, the Guest immediately receives a Member Card of the Loyalty Program "Favourite guest".

3. The Loyalty Program participant card is not transferable to an unauthorized people.

4. The program of loyalty to the hotel complex "Khabarovsk" is valid only in the hotel complex Khabarovsk at the address: 118, Volochaevskaya St., Khabarovsk.

5. Privileges and discounts for hotel services start operating immediately after the card is issued;  discounts for accommodation are provided from the next arrival.

6. When you present a membership card of the Program, you receive discounts and accumulate bonus points (Point = 1 RUB) on your personal account.

7. The current balance of the account you can find in the reception and accommodation of the hotel or send a request to gk.khabarovsk@gmail.com with your full name and card number.

8. Do not forget to present your card every time you check-in, and also specify when booking that you are a member of the program..

9. When you move from one program level to the next, the number of privileges granted increases. When you move to a new level of loyalty, you will receive a new card the next time you arrive.

10. Discounts for accommodation are provided only in case of direct booking at the official site http://www.hotel-khabarovsk.ru/, by phone or e-mail of the chosen hotel (without the participation of intermediaries - travel agencies, companies, tour operators, Internet portals, systems  ONLINE-booking, etc.).

11. Discounts on the program are not summarized with discounts on other special offers.

12. To receive a discount for accommodation, the guest must pay for himself / herself at the hotel (in cash or using a bank card).

13. Discounts for restaurant and cafe services, for additional hotel services, as well as additional privileges are provided when booking accommodation at an open tariff, except group rates and booking through travel agencies.

14. Discounts and bonuses on the loyalty card do not apply to group living.

15. Discounts and bonuses on the loyalty card do not apply to banquets / buffets.


Оur cards and privileges for you:

card_cacarda First check-in after issuing card

Late check-out to 16:00*  

for accommodation - 5%** 
in cafe and restaurant - 5%

With the accumulation of 40 000 points***

Late check-out to 17:00*

for accommodation - 10%** 
in cafe and restaurant - 10%

With the accumulation of 120 000 points

Late check-out to 18:00*

Upgrade/upgrade room category

on accommodation - 15%** 
in cafe and restaurant - 15%

With the accumulation of 250 000 points

Late check-out to 23:00*

Upgrade/upgrade room category 

on accommodation - 20%** 
in cafe and restaurant - 20%

* service is provided upon room availability.
** discount on accommodation is offered with your next check-in.
***1 point = 1 RUB
For more information call
8 (4212) 42-02-21; 8 (4212) 42-02-23


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