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Rules and payment methods.
The estimated hour is 12 hours according to the local time of the current day.

Start time of arrival (arrival) - 12 hours according to local time of current day.
The time of release of the room (departure) is 12 hours according to the local time of the current day.

Extending your stay
If you want to stay longer than the estimated time of departure, then contact the administrator on duty, and you will be issued an extension of the stay, subject to availability.

In case of an extension, the fee is charged in the following order:

  • Extension to 18 hours local time - 25% of the room rate per night;
  • Extension to 21 hours - 50% of the room price per night.

Early check-in service
We will be happy to offer you an early check-in, subject to availability.

In case of early arrival, the fee is charged in the following order:

  • early check-in from 00:00 to 06:00 local time - 50% of the room rate per night;
  • early check-in from 6:00 to 12:00 - free of charge.

Payment Methods
Payment for accommodation is possible in cash in rubles or by credit card VISA or Master Card, with a non-cash payment method.

Cash payment method
Payment is made in cash in rubles or by card at the reception desk upon check-in. With this method of payment, the guest receives the following documents: a cash receipt and a bill of form No. 3-G. We draw your attention to the fact that invoices and acts to individuals are not provided.

If you need to receive an invoice and an act, please use the method of payment by bank transfer.

Non-cash payment method
Non-cash payment method is preferable for organizations sending employees on a business trip. Choosing this method of payment, the user fills in the details of the organization in the form of online booking and sends them. Next, an invoice is sent to the user specified email address for payment. When booking this way, you pay 100% of the cost of accommodation according to the invoice. The invoice must be paid within 3 banking days. In case of non-payment of funds to the hotel's settlement account at the time of arrival, the hotel reserves the right to transfer the reservation to cash.

When a non-cash payment method is used, the guest receives the following "closing" documents: an invoice and an act (if there is a power of attorney to receive documents from the guest). Either the invoice and the certificate will be sent to the organization by Russian post office within 10 days from the moment of departure of the guest.

In the case of cancellation of the reservation, the amount paid will be returned to the organization provided that the reservation is canceled more than 24 hours before the arrival time of the guest. Otherwise, the hotel will charge a part of the amount paid, equal to the cost of one day of stay in the room of the selected category.

Payment by credit card
Accepting payments on the site is provided by the processing center PayOnline - the official service provider VISA and MasterCard. With the help of PayOnline, more than ten million bank card owners safely and conveniently make payments online.

For online payment, you can use bank cards MIR, Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro. If your card is signed to 3D-Secure, the authorization of your payment will be made using a one-time password.

Entering and processing of confidential payment data is made on the side of the processing center. Payment data is sent to the bank in encrypted form via secure channels. No one, even the seller, can receive the bank card details entered by the client, which guarantees full security of his money and personal data.

After successful payment, an electronic receipt is sent to the e-mail of the payer, confirming the payment and containing its unique identifier.

If it is necessary to make a refund, the money is returned to the same card from which the payment was made.

All questions related to the payment process can be asked specialists of the 24-hour multi-lingual support service PayOnline by phone +7 495 134-07-29 or by writing a letter to support@payonline.ru.

Phone of the Accounting Department 8 (4212) 42-02-17.