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Bridal Room


Do you want the first wedding night to become one of the happiest moments in your life? Spend it in our stunning Deluxe Room.

We will try our best to prolong the most important holiday for two as long as possible.
We will take care that you are not disturbed, and in the morning we will serve breakfast for you directly in bed.
Do not rush to leave our hotel - the newlyweds have the right to stay with us until 15:00.
Waking up in the room, flooded with sunlight, admiring the city, you together will meet the first morning of a new life, which, no doubt, will be happy.

Do not miss the opportunity to book a room for the newlyweds at the hotel complex "Khabarovsk".

The offer price is 8 000 rubles per day.

The offer is valid upon presentation of an invitation to register and / or a certificate of marriage.